Steam Boilers,
Boiler Pressure Parts & Accessories

Steam Boilers, Boiler Pressure Parts & Accessories, Water Tube Boilers, Smoke Tube Boiler, Baby Boiler, Mumbai, India
• Designed & manufactured as per IBR/BS/ASME codes.
• Designed to operate on all grades of fuel like furnace oil, natural gas & waste mix oil etc.
• Designed to give full load efficiencies of 89% on furnace oil & 87% on gas based on net calorific valve of fuel (equivalent to 85% & 84% on the gross calorific valve).
Variance is (+) or (-) 2%.
• Horizontal packaged boiler less site work & quick commiossioning & less space required.
• Heavy duty three pass fully wet back construction no loss of heat at reversing chamber.
ASIAN BOILER ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. In field of Steam Boilers, since then company stewardship made steady progress and played a significant role in boiler industry, fore signed started in 1978 to provide specialised engineering services to pioneer new boiler designs using alternative sources of agro waste energy in the wake of oil crises.
Asian Boiler supplying H.P. water up to 120 TPH & package shell Type, hut type composite boiler up to 20 TPH.
Asian Boiler work with reputed consultant like LLOYDS, DNV, DMC, ICB, H&G, TOYO and BHEL, carried out jobs for reputed partners like D.M.C., O.N.G.C., B.P.C.L., H.P.C.L, Herdillia chemicals like many partners super industries & textile industries, starch industries, etc. We doing complete with design, supply and site erection.
Asian boiler modify oil fired boiler suitable for Agro-Wastes & coal to reduce steam generation cost by providing external water wall furnace with using grates like:- Chain grate/pulsating grate/dumping grate etc.

Boiler Revamping And Modification

Our Speciality in modification of existing boiler for Higher capacity fuel efficiency, maintain S.H.T. Temperature and cleaning of fuel as balance.
Existing water tube boiler to be modified for higher efficiency with increase in capacity To Increase capacity of Water Tube Boiler from 25% to 60% as per requirements of clients to solve their problems starting of steam with less expenses on some existing foundation.

Steam Boilers, Boiler Pressure Parts & Accessories, Water Tube Boilers, Smoke Tube Boiler, Baby Boiler, Mumbai, India
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